Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Euro_Bucks, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Euro_Bucks

    Euro_Bucks New Member

    I've always been a fan of SFF's and after knowing about this
    motherboard it piqued my interest on building a new one.


    I just hope it is still affordable, I have no idea how much is it but im guessing it still below $100 like the previous B150GTN.
  2. Mishima

    Mishima Administrator Staff Member

    Over here in the UK you can pick it up for around £85 so it should definitely be < $100. Have you used Biostar before?
  3. Euro_Bucks

    Euro_Bucks New Member

    I once had a Biostar AM2+, then an H81. Im now using a B150 from Asrock and I'm still undecided whether to upgrade to kaby lake or wait for the mid tier release from Ryzen.
  4. Mishima

    Mishima Administrator Staff Member

    It might be worth waiting for the next phase of Ryzen tbh, especially since Ryzen 7 has given Kaby a good run for its money thus far. Btw, while Biostar can be low cost, they don't offer the most reliable boards.
  5. Euro_Bucks

    Euro_Bucks New Member

    I am really considering on getting at least a 4 core Ryzen. I will still have to wait for the official reviews though.

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