AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by warsaw, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. warsaw

    warsaw New Member


    Wondering what your thoughts are because I'm wanting to upgrade my computer... I often play games and occasionally use Photoshop and video editing.

    The question is, am I better to upgrade with AMD Ryzen and the new x370 chipset or use something like Intel Kaby Lake with Z270 chipset? The other option would be to consider x99 too... the budget could stretch probably...but would it be worth it?

    Interested to hear what you guys think. :)
  2. I3R0K3N7FEET

    I3R0K3N7FEET Member


    What are you upgrading from?

    x99 will give you the ultimate performance still, but price wise will be a poor investment over Ryzen 7, Kaby lake will give fantastic short term gaming performance and photoshop performance, but for video editing, you may as well go for ryzen 7 for the extra cores. Gaming performance is mostly negligeable except in CPU heavy games, and something like CSGO is a poor comparison (one that many are using) as it is limited to using 4 cores. I think many are seeing huge benefit in BDF1 and other games. Though Ryzen is still a little buggy as it is early days. Ultimately, for long term, Ryzen 7, if you want additional performance or considering x99, go for ryzen 7. If you want 'just' gaming performance, there are cheaper options that will perform just as good as ryzen 7/ kaby lake that costs less, so is a pointless investment purely for gaming.

    Personally I would suggest ryzen 7 1700 as someone that games, creates content, uses CAD/photoshop etc etc, and does more than just games, it would be silly to not go for it. Though if you wanted to save more money, Maybe Ryzen 5 6c/12t will give the sweet spot on value.
  3. Michael Pabia

    Michael Pabia Moderator Staff Member

    Hey! thanks for dropping by. Hmmm.. There are pros and cons with both platforms you are looking at. perhaps skip X99 because that's on the more expensive end unless you need a workstation kind of build.

    Pros - Computing power superior to what Intel offers at the same price point. Good if you need that for rendering stuff, multitasking and stuff.
    Cons - Ryzen still has a lot of things to improve and to prove as well. Certainly way more promising compared to when the FX processors came out but time will tell as improvements roll out.

    Intel Z270:
    Pros - What it offers is pretty much proven through time. They just got cheaper after Ryzen release.
    Cons - None really.

    I think ones Ryzen 5 comes out, Intel offerings might look less appealing based on how the Ryzen 7 went. Like you could potentially have a Ryzen 5 with the computing power of an Intel Kaby Lake i7, it could be possible. While the Ryzens aren't optimized for gaming yet, I think it just needs time to performance on the same level or even outperform the Intel offerings.

    Intel Z270 = proven and known
    AMD Ryzen/X370 = still to be optimized and could get even better

    I personally think both platforms are good for gaming and other use. It would boil down to prices and availability. AMD Ryzen boards had shortage lately so that might come into play once you look for your stuff. Anyway, these are just my opinion on both platforms you mentioned. I hope that helps ;)
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  4. warsaw

    warsaw New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    at the moment I'm using intel sandy bridge (2500K).

    Some interesting points have been raised... i think it would probably be a wise idea to wait to see what Ryzen 5 is like. The thing on my mind about going with AMD is longevity. also quite a lot of the product are still on preorder. Is there a delay with stock or something?
  5. Michael Pabia

    Michael Pabia Moderator Staff Member

    I had an i5-2500k, even a sandy bridge setup can play the latest titles when paired with a capable graphics card. Most certainly getting an upgrade will be so much worth it at this point given that you skipped 4 generations from 2nd gen to 7th gen.
  6. Kovarik

    Kovarik New Member

    yep I will be upgrading soon too but will use Ryzen 5 and hopefully by then more mobos will be released.
  7. kashish

    kashish New Member

    I would go with Ryzen any day. Looks like Intel hasn't any major changes after Kaby Lake. Ryzen R5 1600 would be a great choice.

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